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26 septembre 2011

News - 26th September 2011

Hello everybody!


It has been a while since my last message!!!! I know, I know... I have been busy as usual!

Between having a new FULL time job and the restart of school... you can imagine how hectic it can get!!! Anyway, my head stayed into my art!!!

I came with up two new lines of necklaces:


Hemp cord with petrol wire


Faux silk fabric and lilac wire

Voila, a lot of new one should come soon, in crazy colours! look out!! ;o))

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26 juillet 2011

My lovely daughter's 7th birthday and my vintage garden party!!!

We had such a great day! A lot of preparation but it was worth it! The rest of the night has been photographed by Stella!!! :


Lack of candles on the day...


I love the randomness of the furniture!!!!


P7020070 P7020071

P7020073 The big birthday girl!!!

P7020075 P7020076 P7020077 P7020078


The food was good, I was proud of it!!! ;o) I made too much as usual but it was worth it!!!

On the next morning:


P7030081 ...

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Guildhall Boutique Market

This fais was really good. Big with a lot of very interesting people around! I would suggest local artist from Portsmouth to participate: There is space and it was really busy!

Thank you Abi from Rare Designs Must Have! :

P7240120 P7240121



The price of the table is very reasonable, and the advertising is WELL done!!! So very successful and I hope you'll find me at all the fairs they do!

Check out their Facebook page:

and their website:


I hope to be able to participate for the Southsea Boutique Market in St Swindon's Church on Wimbledon Road so don't hesitate to come!!! ;o)


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Gosport fair

The fair we have done in Gosport was unfortunately not very successful as the weather was cold and awful and people did not really want to come out.

However, I had really good feedback and I like that:


P7170109 P7170110 P7170111 Check my hotplates out!!! Engraved: 'I love you more that Apple Crumble'! Very successful already, you can choose what you want to have engraved and I'll do a hotplate for you!


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My brooches

Hello again!

I'm catching up today!!!

Please let me introduce you to my new brooches that are selling really well!!!

£3.50 each or €5 par broche:



P7120100 P7120101

P7120102 P7120103

P7120104 P7120105


Any jewellery can be made on order! Don't hesitate to send me an email on for anything you would like me to make for you.

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My new stuff!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Come and see my new earrings and brooches:

P7090088 Fabric earrings: £5/pair

or €7/pair


P7120092 P7120093

P7120096 P7120098

And a shabby chic stand that I have made!!! ;o)

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Blue school fair



Voila les photos de la fair que nous avons faite avec Kathi Johnston a la Blue School - Isleworth:


Stand voted the 'must see stall of the fair'!




Very nice fair, we have been very popular and had a lot of orders!


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Charlotofraiz News

Hello everyone!


It has been a while since I have updated my blog!!!! Lazy me... Actually not that lazy as I have a lot to tell you!!!

Ca fait un moment que je n'ai pas mis mon blog a jour!!!! Feignante que je suis... en fait pas si feignante car j'ai beaucoup de choses a vous dire!!!

I have done fours fairs lately and created a few more things: my fabric earrings and my hot plates... check it out!

J'ai fais 4 marchés dernierement et créé quelques nouvelles choses: mes boucles d'oreilles en tissu et mes dessous de plats... Regardez!

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26 juin 2011

Making my patisserie for the Fair

Oh my God what a lot of work, but now I know how to organise myself for next time! I'll have to do all the 'putting together' on the day of the sale!!!

Oh mon Dieu quel travail! Mais je sais maintenant comment m'organiser pour la prochaine fois. Je devrais faire tout le montage le jour de la Fete.


Ma pate sablee! Super bonne! ;o))

P6170025Prep des millefeuille!

P6170026 Mes petits choux!



P6170029 Petites decorations au caramel!

P6170030 P6180032



             P6180039 C'est joli hein!! ;o)


So tiring but really cool!!! ;p

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18th June London Fair

Hello everyone!

Finally I can put the pictures of the fair we have made, Kathi and I, on the 18th June in Malborough School in Isleworth, London.

Very successful fair! Happy, even though rain clouds unleashed hell on us with lightening and hail for 5 minutes!!! ;o))

P6180042 P6180044Kathi's 'little' part of the table!!!







Very nice day! Tiring but nice!



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